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Ximena (pronounce the X like an H) is a post-punk / skate rock band formed in the Washington, DC Metro area in 1997. The band’s line-up originally consisted of Jim Campbell (hi and low guitars, looper pedals, vocals) and B Hollister (drums, sampler, percussion). Matt Parthree (bass, vocals) later joined the band in 2008 and Mike Pond (guitar) briefly joined in 2016. Sharing powerful post-rock influences such as Shiner, Jawbox, Quicksand, and Kerosene 454, their sound quickly evolved into a precise, rhythmically changing blend of post-punk and noisy math-rock. With members split between Washington, DC and York, PA, the band faced challenges writing and recording throughout the years. In 2009, Ximena finally released their debut self-titled album on Red Stapler Records and received impressive reviews. They celebrated their CD release party at DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel with friends and fellow label mates, Gist. Since then, Ximena has shared stages with the likes of Don Caballero, Knot Feeder, and Jawbox on Cello, to name a few. Ximena’s long-awaited follow up album (aptly titled, “. . .”) was a 100% DIY project. It was produced, recorded, and mixed by B Hollister at Hairpie Studios and independently released on Halloween Day in 2017. The band’s sophomore album offered a warmer, stripped-down version of their original sound, removing vocals and samples to make way for deeper grooves, more melodic guitar layers, and space for the music to breathe . . . before jarring the listener back into that classic Ximena sound!

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