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Head of TPS Reports

Nayan Bhula

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About Red Stapler Records

The label was started in 1999, corresponding with the release of the EP, "Pretest Retest" by GIST.  After many failed attempts to get some label backing, GIST looked into their local scene for inspiration.  There were many local labels, like Dischord, Desoto, Teenbeat...all of them not only had the DIY mentality, but also the mantra - DYOT...Do Your Own Thing!  All of GIST were at office jobs and they had to coordinate their 2 weeks of vacation for their tours.  Those office landscapes were portrayed so perfectly in the 1999 film, "Office Space", so when the time came to pick a name for the label - Milton's Red Stapler was the perfect choice.  Starting with a hand drawn red stapler made by Nayan Bhula, the rest of GIST all did their part from artwork to design (Fred Burton, Finley Martin & Jim Campbell).  The real goal of the label was to have a platform for not only GIST, but other like minded local bands...building a community where bands were not in competition, but working together.   The label even created a local compilation shining a light on Red Stapler Bands, other local bands & genres in the DC area.  "TPS Reports Vol.1" (another nod to Office Space) showcased some artists who went on to great things (Laura Burhenn - Mynabyrds, Georgie James), Exit Clov, Verbal, Maginot Line, etc...

Life caught up with the members of GIST, and though everyone continued to make music, the label fell by the wayside - more a platform for ongoing releases for friends' bands, personal projects, etc...

COVID gave everyone a time to push pause and reset, and as lead RSR administrator Nayan Bhula took stock of what the label accomplished, revisiting the amazing releases - it seemed time to put some work in and relaunch the website.  Releases are still coming and we stand in support of the local DC music scene, giving a space for all those artists putting in the work at their day jobs, filling in TPS reports, and creating art in their free time!  


Booking, Press, Label Inquiries, want to talk music - please email Nayan.

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