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The Rock Machines

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Six elementary school kids met at a local music school, started a band and released an EP of original tunes - sounds like a movie...but it's The Rock Machines!  Victors at a local Battle of the Bands, learning covers from "Baba O'Reilly" to "The Final Countdown," the boys started composing their own music.  The evolution can be tracked here from the garage rock simplicity of their theme song to advanced pieces like "Broken Souls."  By the end, the band was even entering local battles at clubs like Jammin' Java with adult bands, and holding their own!  As covid hit, the boys went on to other things - a core group of these kids are still playing music together, in the local NoVA high school band: The Get Rich Quick Seminar & Free Puppet Show.  The release shows how kids at any age can be creative and do anything - even the artwork for the EP was done by the bass player's little sister!

"Dreaming Awake" (RSR022) - Digital Only Release

Members: Sidd Bhula, Kofi Brown, Nader & Malek El-Farhan, Will Fennell, Finn Murphy


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