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“What was I born to do?”  are the first words uttered on Morris’ incredible debut album A Person of Interest (RSR004).  Singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Maloney doesn’t take on the easy questions. He doesn’t really answer them either, rather using them as a catalyst for personal observation. The lyrics are propelled by frustrated interactions and an increasingly pessimistic and sarcastic world-view. The backdrop for these intense snapshots is a crisp trio that draws from the sounds of the DC hardcore movement, classic rock and the strong beats of Brit rock. Simon Ley (drums) is a transplant from the UK and blends these distinctly different sounds together tactfully. Nels Booher (bass) rolls along in support, binding Michael’s emotions and Simon’s style to each other. Nels is also the sonic engineer of the band and others in the Red Stapler Records Catalog. 


RIYL… Guided by Voices, Weezer, Built to Spill, SDRE, Blur, Ted Leo/Pharmacists


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