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Bonjour, Ganesh!


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Bonjour, Ganesh! was a nine-piece band from Washington, DC that blended rock, funk, jam, and soul to produce an original sound that was unmistakably the 21st-century descendant of old-time rhythm and blues.

The nine members were raised listening to a diverse set of influences: The Temptations and The Who, Phish and Fela Kuti, Pink Floyd and Paula Abdul, Tom Waits and Tom Lehrer. All of these artists and more emerge in their creative and catchy songwriting and instrumentation.

Front man and vocalist/guitarist Adam Rosenberg was flanked by bassist and vocalist Michael Strauss* who is a skiing enthusiast. Luke Peterson+ adds keyboards and wisecracks, Matt Ling^, keeps the rhythm going on drums and Dan Wagner bangs a mean set of congas.

The band's real drive and energy came from the four-piece horn section, a.k.a. "The StratPak" featuring two trombone players (Colin McCormick and Stratton Edwards*) and a trumpet player (Justin Herman) who complement the harmonic genius of sax player Mike Nilsson*.

The band consistently sold out shows in all sorts of East Coast venues, while their fans have consistently run up large bar tabs. 

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