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Released August 10, 2012. Gaslight Society recorded their second and final album in Hungry Run, Virginia. Produced and engineered by Losey and NAYAN/The NRIs guitarist Gabriel Fry. Mike Boggs of We Were Pirates and Eli Resnick provided additional engineering. Chuck Ronan of Airtight Studios, who produced and engineered Gaslight Society's self-titled 2008 debut and The Alphabetical Order's "I Am Magically Happening!" mixed the album. Mastered by TW Walsh.

Gaslight Society- "Slain in the Spirit" (RSR021)

SKU: 084854217685
  • Gaslight Society recorded its second and final album, Slain in the Spirit,” in a cabin in the rural Virginia woods one weekend in November 2009. Singer Janet Pinkham had to suddenly move to North Carolina, but before she left, the band wanted to capture its sound at their peak. They gathered at a cabin in Hungry Run, Virginia, owned by friend and producer Gabriel Fry’s parents and cut every song they hadn’t yet recorded — and even took another shot at a few older songs — in a flurry of creativity and energy.


    The album features guest appearances by Kate Rears Burgman of The Mean Ideas (Hammond organ), Greg Roth of Czars of Leisure (Hammond organ), Gabe Fry (backup vocals), Mike Boggs (tambourine) and the horn section from Bonjour, Ganesh!

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