Red Stapler Records is an independent record label based in the “Diesel City” - Washington, DC. Founded in 2000 by the members of GIST, who at the time were all working office jobs, it only seemed right to take the label name from Milton’s prized red stapler in the 1998 cult classic comedy “Office Space.” One of the main reasons the band created the label was to look bigger than they were, so they could book tours up and down the east coast and through Canada (it worked!). Then expanding on that idea, the label started to release other local artists, in an effort to build a local musical community in the DMV that could work together to promote the scene. It culminated in the release of the local compilation, “TPS Reports, Vol.1” RSR06 - featuring music from across the region in various styles from punk to hip-hop. After twenty years of ups, many downs, periods of dormancy, excess, marriages, kids, band changes, city changes, the label continues. 2020 saw things come full circle, with the release of The Rock Machines EP, “Dreaming Awake.” RSR022 - featuring the son of one of the founding members of Gist and Red Stapler Records! With a renewed focus - the label looks to keep helping to promote the local DC community and its artists in 2021 and beyond!

Thanks for listening!